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Braces Treatment at Bunn Orthodontics

Published on April 05, 2019
The mission at Bunn Orthodontic Group is to create a positive influence on the facial aesthetics, personality, and health of our patients. We are committed to creating the most beautiful smiles. Your smile has an effect on your whole life, so if you are wondering about braces can transform your smile at Bunn Orthodontic Group - we offer two types of braces traditional metal braces and ceramic clear braces.

Traditional metal braces are the most commonly known type of braces. They are usually made of high-grade stainless steel and due to the changing technology, are much more comfortable than ever.

Ceramic braces are a growing option to correct your bite and straighten a smile. The ceramic braces work just like traditional braces, however, these are made of a clear material and are nearly invisible. There is a perfect option for adults or teenagers who want to continue to live their life and smile confidently throughout their treatment.

So what is the process of dental braces and how they shift your teeth? After your initial consultation with Dr. Bunn or Dr. Alfonso, we will map out your entire treatment plan using our latest technology. Once you are ready for braces, your teeth are first cleaned to ensure that the brackets will bond properly. A conditioner is used on the front surfaces of the teeth for 30 seconds to further prepare them for bonding the brackets.

A special cement is placed on the back of the brackets, which are then applied to the predetermined positions on the teeth. Once the brackets are in place, excess cement is removed, and the brackets are hardened into place with a high-intensity light. The retractor is removed, and the dental archwires are then put into place.

Once your braces are well adjusted, you can expect some soreness, discomfort, and tightness as you get used to the feel of your braces. Some dental wax and over the counter pain medication can be taken to help with the discomfort.

We are committed to determining which treatment solution is best suited for you. Check out a few of our patient's fantastic smiles. Schedule your complimentary consultation today and smile with confidence.

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About Dr. Bunn
Dr. Bunn opened her practice in San Antonio in June of 2011. She is excited to bring the latest in technology and orthodontic advancements to her practice. We will all benefit from these new techniques and the highest standard of care. Dr. Bunn is competent, confident and enthusiastic about her orthodontic treatment and the well-being of her patients, staff and community.
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we love bunn <3

cyrus holmes

Love the staff very friendly clean environment I would definitely recommend people come here.

Sarah De La Rosa

The staff is awesome and my daughter never complains on her visit with Dr. Bunn ....always a great visit ty soo much yall are awesome.

Christine Zamora

Dr.. Bunn and her staff are so nice and made my daughter feel welcomed! I would definitely recommend Bunn Orthodontic Group to my friends and family!

Elsie Caribardi

Everyone is nice. They explain everything to you. Great payment plan. My 12yr old son recently got his braces here.

Marcela Gonzales

Dr Bunn and her staff are very welcoming and always make you have a smile.


Josie Ramirez

Love the staff and Dr. Bunn, they make the visits feel welcoming and in a friendly atmosphere as well.

Margaret Garcia

Dr. Bunn and her staff are awesome. They always make feel welcome, they're all very nice. I recommend her to my friends and family!!

Deyanira Abonce

Dr. Bunn is amazing and her staff is right there with her!!!

Tiffany Renee Garza-Perez

Dr. Bunn and her team are awesome I couldn't have picked a better orthodontist for my beautiful girl Sabrina Salazar smile, Thank you 


Cardenas Sandra
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